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今年もMaker Faire Tokyo 2018に出ます!!

 今年もメイカーフェア東京(Maker Faire Tokyo 2018)に出展することになりました。

    This year we will also exhibit at Maker Faire Tokyo (Maker Faire Tokyo 2018).


 今まで、格安WIFI付きプロセッサ(ESP8266)とFLIR LEPTON赤外線センサーで、どれだけ本格的・実用的なiPhoneアプリが作れるかどうか追求してきました。

  Until now, We have been trying more practical iPhone apps with cheap WIFI core (ESP 8266) and a FLIR LEPTON infrared sensor.


 昨年に引き続き今年も赤外線カメラ(FLIR LEPTON1,3,3.5)を使います。もちろん小型ドローンへの搭載も着々とバージョンアップが進んでいます。


  We are still using FLIR LEPTON 1, 3, 3.5 this year as well. Of course small drone test has steadily been upgraded.

  This year we expanded three main items. Until now, we are too busy to update our blogs, but a lot of awesome idea we will introduce you, so we will do our best and we want to introduce it in the future.

今年はメンバーが3人になりました    This year three members have become


  It is a collaboration work between Miyagi, Hyogo and Kyoto. We made it as a logo like this. Changed name into WT & D this time.



1.小型ドローンへのLEPTON搭載?    LEPTON installed in a small drone?


 It evolves reliably. Talk about achievements at the venue! !

f:id:TAKEsan:20180705102508p:plain          えっドビー軽量化?       weight reduction?

2.小型サーモグラフィ画像2個で立体表示可能か?   Can 3D display be possible with two small thermographic images?


  We attached a movie in the last article. it is like this.



  You can check stereoscopic images with stereo glasses or smartphone goggles. It is an unknown area which was not likely to be real-time with WIFI simultaneous display of thermographic picture 2 screens at the same time. This means that you can recognize the perspective in the computer, but you can see that the distance is definitely recognized by Depth image and 3D mesh image of this movie.


3.小型サーモグラフィ画像で画像認識は可能か?    Can image recognition be possible with a small thermographic image?


 今回のソフトは、熱を発する人間の手のひらだけを画像認識できます。一種の温度フィルターですね。これができたってことは応用が無限に広がります。それもTX2じゃなくてiPhoneで!!(画像はiPhone7 plusです)どう思います?

 With a thermography with few pixels, I tried to see how accurately the hand shape of Rock-paper-scissors could be recognized. Initially we was letting LEPTON 3.5 recognize the result of learning with data created with LEPTON 3.5, but when I tried to recognize it with a rough LEPTON 1 (only 80 × 60 pixels), we found it to work properly It was. At the venue, it seems that WIFI 's crosstalk is expected, so we plan to use LEPTON 1 series applications that are stronger against jamming waves. We think that there are many people who have this sensor even in Japan, so I'm thinking about going to introduce how to create learning data and sources on our blog in the future.
 The software of this time can recognize only the palm of the human's fingers image. Is it a kind of temperature filter? The fact that this can be done spreads the application infinitely. It's not TX 2 but on the iPhone! ! (The image is iPhone 7 plus) What do you think?



 そして、応用。2種類のジャンケン画像を読み取ってf:id:TAKEsan:20180524102209j:plain (Juneチャン)が、歌います(簡単な手話の解読)。高齢者の脳トレに最適!!。

 And application. two kinds of Rock-paper-scissors images (June Chan), but my dog sings (easy decoding of sign language). Ideal for the brain train of elderly people! ! .


今回のアプリは、    This time,

  すべてアプリ登録しているThermal Cam3、1を利用して作りましたが、マルチスレッド化しているので申請条件に合わないため、アプリストアから配布ができません。ただしテストフライトという形なら配布が可能ですので、希望する方はコメントして下さい。

 I made it using Thermal Cam 3 & 1 which all the applications are registered, but because it is multi-threaded, it can not be distributed from the apps store because it does not meet the apple application requirements. However, since distribution is possible in the form of Test Flight, please comment if you wish.


Thermal Cam、Thermal Cam3のインストール方法は、       How to install Thermal Cam, Thermal Cam 3,

 Please see this article. We plan to upgrade to the target next month to improve performance.